• Simon Groth

How are your business divisions performing?

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Many small businesses have more than one segment that make up the whole business. As Advisors often we see business owners working hard on the day-to-day however can not really say which parts contribute to overall profitability, and more importantly contributing to CASHFLOW.

Our trusted cloud software solution Xero makes tracking your business divisions simple. "Tracking Categories" in Xero are a simple and practical way to report this way in your business.

We have recently spent some hands on time working with a cattle farmer who wanted to know if their Spot Spraying side business was in fact profitable and to what degree.

Our Advisors were able to work through this by utilising tracking categories in Xero along with the specialised cashflow and forecasting software Figured.

Get in touch with us at info@rawsonbaker.com.au so we can help you make smarter decisions on where to spend your time and money.

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